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This site is
The ONLY officially authorized and guaranteed Autograph Collectibles Website,
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After a long illness, Andreas died on
Monday, February 13th, 2006.

We at Time Machine Collectibles wish to extend our heartfelt
condolences to the family and friends of
Andreas Katsulas..
He will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans alike.

Andreas requested that memorials be made to:

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
4967 Forest Park Blvd
|St. Louis, MO 63108


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Donna Massetti
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Los Angeles, California 90069
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Andreas is a cross between apple pie and baklava. Attracted from early childhood to being on stage, he took theatre as an extra-curricular in high school, as a Major at St. Louis University, and received a Master's Degree in Threatre from Indiana University.

With never a doubt or hesitation, Andreas jumped right into the professional theatre world, performing in plays in St. Louis, New York, and Boston for three years and then a fifteen-year heart and soul involvement with Peter Brook's International Theatre Company, performing around the world with a challenging combination of improvisational Theatre in every imaginable circumstance and space, and "prepared" Theatre pieces in traditional, as well as unconventional, Theatre spaces, from Lincoln Center in New York and The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to the "mean streets" of Brooklyn and marketplaces in remote African Villages; from elite Theatre Festivals in Iran, Avignon and Belgrade, to prisons, mental institutions, rock quarries in Australia, barrios in Venezuela, sewage plants in Switzerland, the streets of Venice, Italy, in the fields with farm workers in California, in the lakes of Minnesota with Native Americans, in snow, in rain, and in extreme heat. But never on a boat! Yet!..

Then, a part in Michael Cimino's "The Sicilian" brought Andreas to Los Angeles where he was immediately cast as Joey Venza in Ridley Scott's "Someone To Watch Over Me", and as Arthur, the chauffeur, in Blake Edward's "Sunset".

He has lived in Los Angeles since 1986, working in television and film (see resume of credits). and hopes soon to return to working in the Threatre. Which does he like best, Theatre or film? It's like trying to choose between apple pie and baklava. Andreas says, "Let's have both!"
FILMS (Link to IMDB)

Primal (2003) (VG)(voice) .... Scree/Abdizur
Babylon 5: "The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight" (2002) (TV)[ .... G'Kar... aka Legend of the Rangers: Babylon 5 (2002) (TV) (USA: promotional title)]
"A Piece of Eden"-Dir.John Hancock (2000)
Mafia-Disney/Touchtone-Dir. Jim Abrahams
Executive Decision - Warner Bros. - Dir. Stuart Baird
The Fugitive - Warner Bros. - Dir Andrew Davis
NY Cop - Sunstrip Productions - Dir. Muralawa
Hot Shots II - 20th Century Fox - Dir. Jim Abrahams
Blame it on the Bell Boy - Buena Vista-Dir. Mark Herman
True Identity - Disney - Dir. Charles Lane
With Intent To Kill - Dir. Ruben Preuss
Next Of Kin - Warner Bros. - Dir. John Irvin
Communion - New Line Cinema - Dir. Phillippe Mora
Sunset - TriStar - Dir. Blake Edwards
Someone to Watch Over Me - Dir. Ridley Scott
The Sicilian - 20th Century Fox - Dir. Michael Cimino
Serie Noire - Alain Corneau
Milo Milo - Nikos Perrakis

Terror-HBO (movie)
Diagnosis Murder - Viacom
Babylon 5 (series regular) as "G'Kar" WB Network
Murder, She Wrote - CBS
Inner Sanctum - ABC
The Human Factor - CBS
F.B.I. The Untold Stories - ABC
Star Trek:TNG - Future Imperfect
Hunter - Stephen J Cannell Prods.
End Run - CBS (movie)
Eddie Dodd - ABC
Mancuso:FBI - NBC
Jake and the Fat Man - CBS
The Death of the Incredible Hulk - ABC (movie)
Capitol News - ABC
Alien Nation - Fox
Star Trek - Paramount - Synd.
The Equalizer - CBS
Neon Empire - Showtime (movie)
Father Dowling - NBC
Houston Knights - Dir: William Fraker
Max Headroom - Recurring - Dirs J.Greek & V.Lobl
King of America - PBS - Dir. Dezso Magyar
A Very Delicate Matter - ABC - Dir. Claude Kervin
My Palikari - PBS - Dir. Charles Dublin

Peter Brook's International Company (1971-1986)
The Mahabharata, La Tragedie de Carmen,
.......Ubu Roi & Enchaine, The IK
The Conference of the Birds, L'OS
.......Measure for Measure, Timon of Athens, Orghast
Theaters:Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Yale Rep.,
The Public,La Mama, Shakespeare in the Park, Theatre Co.of Boston, Loretto Hilton Rep.

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